All what you need to know about the Amstel Malta Enugu Marathon, 20km race.


People usually have different motivations for different things in life. These are the reasons you should run.

  1. To keep fit. Having in mind that health is wealth, you have to take care of your body because it’s the only place you have to live.
  2. For fun and to experience something new. Most people never get to run a marathon in their lifetime. You also don’t want to deprive yourself of such an experience. Marathon is a fun activity that takes a lot of perseverance to compete in, and most people who ever engaged in one, usually make mention of the fulfilment that comes with it. It is a lifetime achievement.
  3. To meet new people. The Enugu state marathon would be just the right place to meet new faces and share fun vibes. Marathons usually bring people with a shared interest together;
    it will bring you into contact with people with whom you’ll have a lot in common. So come with a positive mindset and interact with like minds.
  4. Rewards. This is a motivation for you to participate in the Enugu Marathon for an opportunity get rewarded for having fun and keeping fit.


Before embarking on a marathon, every participant should endeavour to tick all the necessary boxes to ensure readiness. Here are some of the vital running tips you will need.

  1. Make sure you are physically fit and healthy enough to participate in a long-distance race. If possible, consult your doctor and undergo some specific body scans and physical examinations.
  2. Wear proper shoes and running gear. Wear less clothing than you think you'll need. By overdressing, you can increase your risk for dehydration and prevent your body from properly cooling down.
  3. Stay focused while you run. This will take your mind off the physical fatigue when it starts to build up. By staying focused, you will be able to cover more distances within the pace you are moving.
  4. Focus on yourself. Most runners usually make the grave mistake of focusing on the other runners and this tends to make the runner want to move at other people’s pace. In most cases, the runner easily tires out, exhausting his or her strength and hence dropping off the race. It isimportant to move at your own pace and pick up or slow down depending on how your body responds.


It’s 20 KM Race: This is usually referred to as a half marathon and can take a running time of about two hours to complete. The Start Point would be at Okpara Square and the Finish Point would be at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium.

Considering the topography of Enugu, the marathon is nicknamed the Hill Top Race.


The marathon route would travel through the Enugu municipal. Both categories will start together at Okpara Square through Presidential Hotel – Zenith Bank Round About – Govt.
House Junction-Bisala Road – New Haven Junction – Mc Chuks Medical Diagnostic Centre New Haven – Last Bus stop Upper Chime-Upper room International Bible School New Haven –
Abakaliki Express – NNPC Mega Station – Psalms Hotel Independence Layout – Joint Suits Hotel
by Toscana Hotel – Court of Appeal –WAEC Office – National Library (10km) – NTA Enugu –
Liberty Estate Gate – IMT gate.

IMT gate would be the finish point for the amateurs while the professional runners will
continue through – UNEC Enugu – Ngwo Park – Nise Bus stop – Agbani Road – Oando Filling
Station – Ziks Avenue – HRC Gate – P & T Quarters – 1 Ogui road – Chuks Investment opposite
Stadium Gate – Anaocha Filling Station Ogui Road and finally to Stadium Gate which is the finish


Youths like to have fun, so we have equally made provision for different fun activities to entertain the participants and the cheering audience while the Enugu marathon progresses.


There’ll be DJ and Hype man on standby to serenade the audience and uplift the spirit of the participants.


To reward the zeal of our competing youths and to celebrate the best performers, we have packaged different prizes according to the different race categories.


  • Winners – N500, 000, 00
  • Runners-up – N250, 000, 00
  • Third Place – N150, 000, 00
  • Consolation cash prizes

START: The starting point will be at the entrance of Okpara Square.
FINISH: The finishing point will be at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium.


Participants driving are advised to park their vehicles at least 1 km away from the starting point as most roads around the start area will be closed.

Attempts to drive to the areas may cause congestion and delays, and violators may be sanctioned.

Participants are advised to come early to avoid delays.


Bibs containing your unique number will be given out to registered participants at Okpara Square before the race commences.


Registration for online, physical participants at Okpara Square and Nnamdi Azikwe Stadium will begin on September 17th and ends on 28 th September, 2022, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily.


Participants are advised to come with proof of identification when coming to collect their running numbers.


All participants will receive a running race vest.
First through twenty place will receive cash prizes and a medals,


The race will be timed using the "Time Tronics" electronic timing system.


Water stations and refreshments will be provided every 2km and at the finish.


An ambulance and medical station will be available approximately 200 meters after each main
drink station on the marathon route at 5km, 10km, and 15km, and the finish line. Medics will
also be present at every intermediary station.


A top DJ and a selection of other activities will be available at the finish point to entertain the
participants and supporters. Food and beverage facilities will also be available here.


The Enugu Marathon is supported by the Enugu State Government, through the Enugu
State Ministry of Youth and Sports.


Kurioucity Limited and Pattaya Productions


Amstel Malta Ultra