In a country with a vast population of more than two hundred million people, with the youths consisting of about seventy percent, there exists a high rate of unemployment. Sadly, the youths are largely at the centre of this epidemic.

Now, having in mind the popular saying that an idle mind is the devil's workshop, the need to creatively find a good means of engaging, keeping, and making them fruitful is paramount.


This is a brainchild of Kurioucity Limited. It’s a non-governmental youth engagement platform. The aim is to explore the positive energy of the youths by plugging into their passion points like sports, music, movies, games, digital technology and other fields for a better society.

We believe in the potential of our youthful population and believe that they can be the drivers of a more prosperous Nigeria. So, we are dedicated to touring Nigeria with a simple mission of putting a positive mark on youths wherever our ship anchors, bringing hope to our teeming youth population by using different platforms that resonate with them. The Amstel Malta Enugu Marathon is one the platforms of bringing this to life.

Visit our website at www.kurioucity.com to see other things we are upto